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Polymail is the email productivity platform for business. Get more work done with Polymail's full suite of communication tools that let you master your inbox.

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We redesigned the email client to bring the most powerful productivity tools to a seamless experience on desktop and mobile.

Whether in sales, business development, or marketing, Polymail lets you expand your outreach, close more deals, and stay on top of important connections like never before.

Email Tracking

Know what happens after you click send with per-recipient read notifications and read history.

Read Later

Focus on the work you need to do now by snoozing messages to read later.

Send Later

Schedule messages to send at the perfect time to maximize your open rate.

Meeting Scheduling

Schedule meetings or send available timeslots directly over email with built-in calendar and RSVP features.

Contact Profiles

Get detailed social profile info for your contacts with past interaction & attachment history.

Attachment & Link Tracking

Know when your targets engage with your emails using real-time attachment & link tracking.

Activity Feed

Stay on top of your leads with a unified view of all tracking activity - in real time.

Message Templates

Expand your outreach and bolster your response rate with reusable, customizable message templates.

Undo Send

Send with confidence — undo send any message with the click of a button.

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Polymail's seamless experience between desktop, tablet, and mobile lets you take your work anywhere.

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“Polymail is the future of email. Simple, fast, and clean!”

Tomaz Stolfa
Founder, Layer

“Polymail is the first desktop app that’s actually made me happy as a user. The best part is that it just keeps getting better. This is how email should work.”

Aaron Haris
Partner, Y Combinator

From seamless email tracking to one-click unsubscribes to generating share links for individual emails, Polymail has made itself an irreplaceable part of my workflow.”

Jonathan Carden
Lead Marketing Manager, Uber

“Polymail is the best Mac client for everyday work, especially for a salesperson. First of all, it’s just beautiful. Moreover, Polymail’s email tracking helps me reach every prospect in time!”

Boris Dus
Business Development, NGINX

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