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The easiest, most effective way to automate your team's email outreach and connect with more prospects.

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Put your outreach on autopilot

Empower your team to reach and engage prospects more effectively. Track performance and prospect engagement across your entire team's outreach.

  • Automatic Follow Ups
  • Reply Detection
  • Real-time Tracking

Track prospects at every stage

Understand how and when prospects engage with your outreach to identify your most qualified leads and most effective messages.

Salesforce Integration

Increase your team's efficiency and gain transparency into their outreach by automatically logging all sequences activity to Salesforce.

Message Templates

Turn winning sales content into message templates that your team can leverage across their sequences.

What customers are saying about Polymail

“Polymail has become a staple part of how we operate and communicate at SafeTrek. The ability to see live updates when our emails are opened and attachments are downloaded has become integral to our outreach with customers, prospects, and investors.”

Nick Droege
Co-Founder, SafeTrek

“From seamless email tracking to sharing emails, Polymail has made itself an irreplaceable part of my workflow.”

Jonathan Carden
Marketing Manager, Uber

"Polymail gives me the confidence to send and track emails while staying on top of my inbox - saving me hours every week.”

Mat Vogels
CEO, Zestful

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