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Email for sales outreach and collaboration

Accelerate every stage of your sales process with Polymail Teams, the all-in-one platform for team outreach, messaging, tracking, and analytics.

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Collaborative Outreach at Scale

Easily send personalized messages to hundreds of leads. Share detailed tracking analytics with your team on your outreach's open, click, and reply rates.


Team Salesforce Integration

Surface records from Salesforce to connect your team with the data they need. Automatically log your team's emails to leads and contacts in Salesforce to effortlessly track sales activity with no manual data entry.


Insights on every message

Real-time tracking and Activity Feed lets your team gauge lead interest and follow up with perfect timing. Set automatic follow up reminders so your team never lets a deal fall through.


Shared Templates

Share Message Templates that anyone on your team can use, making it easy for your team consistently send effective messages and save hours typing every week.


Unified Team Contacts

Collaborate by sharing contacts, groups, and notes that anyone on your team can access. Work together with a unified view of your team's contacts and activity.

Measure and optimize your Team performance

Get detailed metrics on open rate, reply rate, and more with Team Analytics. Drill down on individual members to find your top performers.

What customers are saying about Polymail

“Polymail has become a staple part of how we operate and communicate at SafeTrek. The ability to see live updates when our emails are opened and attachments are downloaded has become integral to our outreach with customers, prospects, and investors.”

Nick Droege
Co-Founder, SafeTrek

“From seamless email tracking to sharing emails, Polymail has made itself an irreplaceable part of my workflow.”

Jonathan Carden
Marketing Manager, Uber

"Polymail gives me the confidence to send and track emails while staying on top of my inbox - saving me hours every week.”

Mat Vogels
CEO, Zestful

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